04 février 2010

Conference Program

Wednesday March 10 2010, 19h00:

Franck André Jamme
(Trois Poèmes, Al Dante, 2009)
and Anne Talvaz
(Autoportrait dans un miroir convexe, La Feugraie, 2005)
will read from their translations of John Ashbery
at Librairie Michèle Ignazi, 17 rue de Jouy, 75004.

Thursday March 11 2010 :

11h-12h30 – Registration

13h30 – Room A50 – Opening Addresses by Prof. Catherine Bernard, Head of the President’s Office; Prof. Jean-Marie Fournier, Dean of the English & American Studies Faculty; Prof. Antoine Cazé

14h00-18h00 – Workshop Session I

Workshop #1 : Paris & France

Clark Lunberry, University of North Florida – “‘Professional Exiles Like Me’: John Ashbery’s Self-Imposed Paris and the Pursuit of Poetic Abstraction”

Paul Grimstad, Yale University – “Poe, Roussel, Ashbery”

Maria Muresan, ENS Lyon – “From surrealism to the experience of experience Ashbery’s long poem”

Eugene Richie & Rosanne Wasserman, Pace University, NY – “John Ashbery’s Translations from the French: An Introduction to Selected Translations”

Sarah Riggs, Paris – “Ashbery in a Convex Mirror: Paris & Translation”

Workshop #2 : Modes & Forms

Michael Farrell, University of Melbourne – “Pastiche and the Commodity of Tone: Reading and Writing to Ashbery’s Where Shall I Wander.”

Jacek Gutorow, University of Opole – “Difficult Idylls: John Ashbery and the Postmodern Rhetoric of the Pastoral”

Stephen Ross, Oxford University – “The Delta of Living into Everything: The River Topos in Ashbery’s Poetry”

Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania – “Bathos and Mind-Reading”

18h30-19h30 – Drinks & Visit of the Ashbery Exhibition

John Ashbery and Trevor Winkfield,
the Roussel Connection and Beyond
curated by Ava Leher

20h30 – Banquet (on invitation) at “Le Vin des Pyrénées”, 25 rue Beautreillis, 4th Arrondissement

Friday, March 12, 2010 :

9h00 – Plenary Lecture by Marjorie Perloff, Professor Emerita, Stanford University :“LA GRANDE PERMISSION: Ashbery’s Legacy to 21st Century Poetics”

10h30-12h30 – Workshop Session II

Workshop #3 : The Arts 1

Jennifer C. Cook, Bentley University – “Seeing Through the Lens of Prose: Reconsidering Ashbery’s Reported Sightings”

Elisabeth Joyce, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania – “Fairfield Porter and John Ashbery: Ideas of Order”

Julie Verlaine, Université de Caen / Université Paris I – « Promenades dans les galeries d’art parisiennes : John Ashbery et l’art vivant dans les années 1955-1965 »

Workshop #4: The Arts 2

Aaron Belz, Providence Christian College – “John Ashbery and Jacques Tati”

Daniel Kane, University of Sussex – “The New Realism: How Ashbery Sees Surrealist and ‘New American’ Film”

Clément Oudart, Université Paris 6 – “Poetics of Music: John Ashbery and Elliott Carter Working at the Boundaries”

12h45-14h15 – Lunch

14h30-17h00 – Workshop Session III

Workshop #5 : Historicizing Ashbery

Joshua Clover, University of California, Davis – “After Lateness: Ashbery and World-System Theory”

Will Montgomery, Royal Holloway College, University of London – “‘Udder mumps’ and an other tradition: Ashbery’s Vermont Notebook”

Nandini Ramesh Sankar, Cornell University – “ ‘The/Lamentable Spectacle of the Unknown’: Historicizing Difficulty in the Poetry of John Ashbery”

Barrett Watten, Wayne State University – “Ashbery’s Historicism: Regions of Modernity in The Double Dream of Spring”

Workshop #6: Readings

David Herd, Kent University – “ ‘That We Must’: The Ashbery Collective”

V. Nicholas LoLordo, University of Nevada-Las Vegas – “ ‘A Job in the Monument Industry’: Reading Late Ashbery”

John Tranter, Editor of Jacket Magazine – “The Anaglyph”

18h-19h30 – Dialogue Session with John Ashbery – NYU in Paris / NYU


Saturday, March 13, 2010 :

9h00 – Plenary Lecture by Michael Davidson, Professor at the University of California at San Diego : “The Pleasures of Merely Circulating: John Ashbery and the Jargon of Inauthenticity.”

10h30-13h – Workshop Session IV

Workshop #7 : The Arts 3

Paweł Marcinkiewicz, University of Opole – “John Ashbery's Poetry in the Context of the Twentieth-Century Visual Arts”

Ellen Levy, Vanderbilt University – “Facing Pages: The Vermont Notebook”

Karin Roffman, United States Military Academy at West Point – “ ‘The Things That Mattered’: John Ashbery’s Childhood Collections”

Workshop #8 : Poetry/Theory

Søren Hattesen Balle, Aalborg University – “Cosmopolitan Erotics in John Ashbery’s The Tennis-Court Oath

Brian Glavey, University of South Carolina – “The Sissy Arts: John Ashbery’s Wallflower Avant-Garde”

Kacper Barczak, University of Lodz – “Pragmatist poetics in the recent poetry of John Ashbery”

Terence Diggory, Skidmore College – “Ashbery’s Three Poems and the Conceptual Moment”

13h15-14h30 – Lunch

15h-16h30 – Poetry Reading

Throughout the conference the windows of Room A50 will display Clark Lunberry’s “writing on water” installation.

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